Charlie Weiner


With appearances on A&E, Comedy Central, his own cable shows Off The Wall and Wienervision, CBC, NBC, ABC and CBS as well as being heard regularly on SiriusXM radio, he has brought the concept of having fun while piling on the years to an art form. Audiences consider him one of the best they have heard... well, those that can still hear. Some have need of a lip reader. 

Charlie finds there is nothing funnier than everyday life - especially his. His subject matter ranges from travel to politics, road rage to stupid people, fatherhood to marriage, marriage to marriage to relationships back to marriage around the corner to sex (and lack thereof), then cutting through the alley of dealing with customer service into the bright white light of homosexual relationships onto the highway of love. Yes, it's high energy, fast paced and extremely hilarious. Those who have witnessed a Wiener show vow they will be back if they are still among the living.



September 22nd, 8pm




September 23rd, 7pm

September 23rd, 9:15pm