Tim Cunningham (special event)


When Tim Cunningham was faced with the choice between the football field or the musical stage, lucky for us, he chose the latter. Having played the saxophone for over half his life, Tim spent his college years at Michigan State splitting his time between playing defense and playing music. And although a football scholarship saw him through school, his passion for the sax has carried him well beyond, as he passed up an NFL contract and eventually pursued a career in music.

Signed to Atlantic Records in 1996 his first major label release, “Right Turn Only” featured the efforts of Will Downing, Brian Culbertson, Kevin Whalum, and Bobby Lyle. It's featured single, “This is the Life,” hit #19 on the Smooth Jazz Chart and received much international airplay. Tim's additional CD credits include “Sax Change Operation,” “A Change in Altotude,” “Waiting for Love,” “Inner Peace,” and “Manchester Road” which was picked up by Nite Breeze Music/Universal in 2008. His 2011 release entitled “Reflection,” features a cool collection of original tracks packed with smooth grooves and emotional ballads. Tim's newest project, the eagerly anticipated “The Tim Cunningham Live” album, where he covers some of his favorite songs, was released August 18, 2012.

Tim continues to wow audiences near and far with his explosive live stage performances, which typically will take him out into the depths of his audience, and yet he makes a point to stay after each show to sign every CD sold. This approachable and down to earth quality is what endears Tim to his fan base...and his gift to touch their hearts with his music is what keeps 'em  comin' back for more!

Tim Cunningham is a special event. No passes or discounts can be redeemed.